Frequently asked questions

Who can use the moneyPlus?

Anybody that needs a guaranteed return on investment, using an open and reliable platform.

How do I open an account?

Click on Join Now Menu on the right-hand corner on the home page. fill all required information including your bank details

How do i give help?

After registration or login, select a suitable plan and pledge help, you will be automatically merged within 24 hours to provide help.

How do i get help?

After you have provided help, the system will automatically match you to get help in 10 days

How to Refer

Click the share icon after login, from my page or affiliate window.

Referral bonus

Earn 5% bonus upon every investment from your downliner.

How It Works

  • Register on MoneyPlus Investment
  • Pledge Help
  • Once you have provided help, you will be automatically merged to get help in 10days