The Topbull Trader farm for Bitcoin crypto-currency mining has several own halls where the mining facilities are placed. These premises are designed for the sole purpose of conducting the company’s principal business in Bitcoing mining. All halls have special air-conditioning and ventilation systems, which maintain the best temperature for the mining processes.

The farm has its own power substations with total capacity of over 7 MW. The total number of staff working in the farm is more than 26 highly-qualified experts with rich background in Bitcoin mining. The farm has had more than 600 satisfied clients from four continents so far. We use the most modern equipment provided by BITMAIN and other leaders in the manufacture of mining hardware.

By subscribing to Topbull Trader Bitcoin mining package you will not have to think about power failure, maintenance or other unpleasant things related to the mining process. We will take care of your production powers so they will work for your benefit.