Topbull Trader is a professional fund management company with emphasis on fund management through FOREX trading, cryptocurrency mining and trading.We are a group of qualified and trained capitalists with technical knowledge in general commodity trades including Forex trading, cryptocurrency mining and trading.The hardware crypto mining farm is located in an undisclosed location in Borgarnes,Iceland, where our team of IT professionals perform all necessary steps for a continuous and effective crypto mining of the main cryptocurrency of the world called BITCOIN. Locating our massive mining facility in Iceland comes with a lot of benefits. Iceland happens to be the only country in the world that generates 100% of it's power through renewable sources.Iceland already produces more than twice as much electricity per capita as any country in the world and it's data centers are projected to use 300% more power this year. Cryptocurrency mining accounts for about 90% of the electricty consumed by Iceland's data centers.The Nordic climate and geothermal steam provide two things the world's computers need in seemingly endless supply; cooling and electricity. That makes Iceland an ideal place for data centers, which contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to Iceland's economy. We do have an agreement with a Renewable Power Generation Company and also installation of Solar Panels and Wind Turbines,the best in the market, to provide constant electricity. Our farms are open for visits at scheduled intervals otherwise has a highly restricted access to non-staff. Place a request to visit and you will be sent information on the next schedule and you will be directed on the necessary arrangements.

The vast majority of customer deposits are stored offline in air-gapped cold storage. We only keep enough online to facilitate active trading, which greatly minimizes risk and exposure. Our auditing programs monitor every activity 24/7/365. Their job is to report and block any suspicious activity before it becomes a problem. We have strong roots and believe in customer service and transparency. We are committed to optimum delivery and uprightness. We let our service do the talking. Any funds you put into Topbull Trader are only used to facilitate trading through your account. Unlike banks, we do not operate on fractional reserves
The main objective of our company is stability of high profit for our investors and business in general and also providing of reliable opportunities to investors for receiving the stable profits from an investments. Topbull Trader widely applies strategy for diversification and minimization of overhead costs, uses the modern trading methods and also enhances all possible methods overall effectiveness of business. All these measures are directed to that to achieve in the maximum level of the company’s objectives and to have new opportunities for growth and progress. Using of the new technologies and innovations in business and also the constant growth of the employees qualification, who performs development and upgrade of the trading technologies are one of the primary competitive benefits of the company.The management of the company’s business from our offices located in England and Belgium performs the analytical activities of processes at the Forex market, which are performed by the best professionals from around the world. In turn, the company performs the coordination and monitoring over all processes, providing the comfortable conditions for effective and productive activities of all the team. For the most effective implementation of operation, we make conjoint analysis of particularly complex cases and situations in the foreign exchange stock markets and it is one of primary benefits of the company.

Main types of business activity of the company are expressed in commercial interests at the Forex market, the international foreign exchange stock market. At the same time the company orients own business interests in full accordance with rendering services of trust management of investments for its clients. The hardware crypto mining is also an important source of the company’s profit and we consider these activities as at least not less important business, than the auction at the Forex market. Besides, the company’s management is in constant searching of the new business directions which will be able to realize diversification of investment funds in even more level and to reduce any risks and losses to an absolute zero
In February, 2018 the management of the company came to a conclusion that the time has come to expand a business influence of the investment fund in the greatest possible level and offer our service to the general public not only to a few selected elites. And in this regard the decision has been made on provision of opportunities of passive earnings online for investors all over the world not only for a few selected clients. For this purpose, an online investment platform was created capable of providing a high income for investors on the Internet, realizing control of private investments by means of the convenient interface and permanently high-quality service. This unique opportunity was embodied in reality in 2018 and now each client of the company can control investments on the online mode, gaining stable passive income.
All profit, which can be created over that income, which the company is obliged to pay to investors, are the earnings of the company. In addition to this income, the company gets profit, using own working capital in an investing process.
Applying diversification, the modern methods of trading and the hardware crypto mining, we manage to support profitability at the highest level.
In the course of formation and development, we permanently set for ourselves the highest goals and we steadily achieve the best results. Today our reference points are following:

⦁ To the end of 2018 the company’s profitability will be increased up to 45% per month;

⦁ To the end of 2018 we will increase the total amount of investments to $450,000,000;

⦁ To the middle of 2018 we will increase capacities for crypto mining by 3 times;

⦁ In 2019 in plans of the company to create own cryptocurrency, with a unique algorithm of mining which would completely meet requirements of the modern trading by cryptocurrencies.
Absolutely. We fully conform to all requirements which are imposed by the legislation of Great Britain, Belgium and Iceland regarding observance of commercial transactions and payment of taxes.
The offices of the company are intended directly for performance of the tasks, which are associated with our business. At the moment we have no staff which can perform work directly with clients so visitation of our offices and mining facility is subject to scheduled arrangement with our 24/7 customer service.
We can’t impose or press otherwise on investors. Each client of the company makes own decision about the payment of taxes but understand that earnings in cryptocurrencies are not subject to taxation.
It is possible. In each case the issue about signing of the contract will be resolved individually.
Absolutely not. As we performs a real activity and we fully correspond to criteria of the subject of business activity.
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator.
As was more than once mentioned,the company does not provide services of direct insurance as we are not an insurance company we work with Garantiefonds/Fonds de Garantie and have a large insurance fund on cases of unforeseen situations. In such cases money from this insurance fund will be able to stabilize and level negative consequences, having provided the necessary investment comfort for our clients.Your Investment is safe with Topbull Trader.
We provide individuals and businesses a world class experience to earn weekly/monthly passive income or otherwise decide to compound profits for improved returns. The more money you deposit, the higher profit you earn.The profit is generated from hard work in trading Foreign currencies and Bitcoin in registered exchanges. In addition to trading cryptocurrency and currencies in recognized exchanges, profit is generated from mining Bitcoin.
Sign up an invesment account, choose a preferred investment plan, deposit amount equivalent to the selected investment plan, on receipt of your deposit by the company management, your investment account would be activated within 24hrs and you can start earning Stable High profits with Topbull Trader. Contact our 24/7 customer service regarding difficulties with signing up or funding your account.
The rates of income highly depend on the amount you invest and the selected investment plan. All weekly income return on the exact investment day(ie. if you invest on monday, then every monday of the next weeks you will be gatting your weekly intrest). You can earn from 8% up to 12% weekly with Topbull Trader. For more information, view the Investment plan table on our Home page or ''PACKAGES'' page.
Withdrawals are on weekly basis. Click on withdraw funds, indicate the amount you would like to withdraw, within 12-24 hours, your request would be processed and funds deposited to your preferred e-currency account.You can view your profits on your Online user interface.
Starting from February 2018, Topbull Trader openned it's doors to everyone of legal age to make investments and financial decisions for themselves. You are responsible for making sure that you comply with local laws
You can make a deposit using bitcoin.
We currently pay 5% commissions on initial deposits as well as additional deposits depending on the investment plan you are subscribed to.
Referral Commissions are currently available to subscribers and are paid instantly but non-subscribers should contact our customer service for possible rewards.