About Topbull Trader.

Topbull Trader is a modern product of international co-operation and merging of corporate interests on the international level . The path of the company has been started from a small association of like-minded people in the field of trading on general commodities, goods and services . Over the past 2 decades, we have grown into a reliable asset management company that is able to consistently give more than 14% of the return on the funds invested by investors. During the development of the company, we managed to create a team of professionals of 98 people and more than 100 trading strategies were developed and introduced into trading practice, many of which remain unique today. As a result of such a successful activity in APRIL,2011, we managed to close a merger with a promising company specializing in mining and trading with crypto-currencies. It was the starting point of our development in a new capacity. The result in return on investment capital gave us an opportunity to significantly increase the mining processing power and bring trading strategies to an impeccable level of stability.


In February 2018, the company's management reasoned that the time had come to expand the business influence of the investment fund as much as possible. In this regard, it was decided to provide opportunities for online passive earnings for investors from around the world. To this end, an online investment platform has been created to provide high returns for investors in the Internet and to carry out private investment management through a user-friendly interface and consistently high-quality service. This unique opportunity was performed in 2018 and now every client of the company can manage investments online, receiving a stable passive income.

We have put the most emphasis on safety, on balanced performance and on customer support. We provide services which approach investment from the natural demands of the clients. Through our high result portfolio you may significantly reduce the risk of your high return new generation investment that bears benefits unparalleled. The bases of the investment come from the possibilities offered by the exchange markets, especially by the currency exchange market; with us you too may profit from these possibilities and achieve returns that have only been available to institutional investors.We are an asset management company.

The aim of Topbull Trader is to facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology in the global economy through a range of high-quality financial services.The Group provides Asset Management and blockchain-related services through the following areas of commercial specialization in trading goods and services.

2). Crypto-currency Trading
3). Crypto-currency Mining
4). General Commodity Trading

Topbull Trader recently completed a large mining farm in Borgarnes,Iceland where electricity bill is so cheap because Iceland happens to be the only country on the planet that generates 100% of it’s electricity from renewable hydroelectric and geothermal sources of which it has plenty. The mining farm has terrains and premises equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment for crypto currency mining. The technical capacity of the company reaches almost two petahashes and crypto currency is mined on a territory of nearly eight thousand square meters. Highly-qualified engineers and technicians of proven expertise and experience take care of the effective performance of our machines. All premises meet the applicable European quality standards and are under 24-hour security guard. The production facilities of Topbull Trader cover all fire-precaution measures and have valid insurances against fire, theft and other possible risks. The company’s production capacity has been increasing on a weekly basis and the crypto currency mining process has been continuously improved with the latest available hardware.

The trading division of the company includes 39 exchange traders and 28 analysts from all over the world, who work for the permanently best result of trade transactions made in the Forex market and on the crypto-exchange world exchanges. The company effectively uses the experience of its employees and actively makes trading operations in 28 currency pairs, using simultaneously 4 trading strategies, which reduces the risks of losses almost to zero. This is the main criterion for doing business: to ensure the full safety of investors' funds. Carrying out diversification of investment directions and regulating trade interventions for each transaction in the amount of maximum 5% of the balance of the trading account, the company guarantees the final profitability of all transactions for any trading session. In addition, the company's management personally makes a decision on the execution of trading operations, the volume of which may exceed the limits established for traders. Common goals and control of trading accounts allow us to confidently provide high passive online income for investors, based on many years of trading experience of traders.

With the direct access to intertrading liquid assets and using special high-speed data transfer lines, our clients benefit from trading operations:
· Promptness of obtaining information
· High speed of creating orders(Depositing of funds)
· Quick performance of transactions(Re-investing & Instant withdrawal)
· Accuracy of index forecasting

Successful trading of currency pairs and crypto-currencies, as well as hardware ASIC-mining of crypto-currencies create conditions for safe and profitable co-operation, available to investors worldwide. Discover success with Topbull Trader.